This website is for sharing and for education and entertainment purposes about financial needs in the after COVID-19 pandemic world.

In a TV video interview from years back, the TV host asked this question:

Would you know how to make money if you lost your job?”

*** Please view the video but DO NOT click or buy anything on that page! It is not my intent to sell you ANYTHING with it – I will not be paid if you did***

I am an engineer, real estate investor, Artificial Intelligence – IT and website developer and now an online / internet marketing student.

And, NO, I am NOT the mentor but I studied under a few mentors in the areas of:

  • online, internet marketing
  • no money down real estate
  • BitCoin and crypto currency AKA Virtual Assets (as they are not crypto nor are they currencies, yet)
  • tax certificates and the paper business – buying and selling interest bearing “paper” or notes secured by real estate

I am not a lawyer nor a financial advisor nor a financial planner of any kind. I am not offering any advice, financial or legal. Please consult the professionals of your choice. I am merely presenting what I know as education or entertainment with no guarantees nor warranties of any kind – explicit or implies.

As a famous person had said: “Trust, but verify!” – I am saying: “Read posts and FREE book offers with an open mind but verify with FREE trials to minimize risks!”