To win a political race you need money. In most races, you need to raise money fast. If you start today with the correct approach, you will find money fast. We show you how.

If I have learned anything in these years of working with political campaigns at the local, State and National level, it is that without sufficient capital, all the great ideas in the world will not help.

Unless you are in a position to self-finance, let the fund raising begin.

You must make a few key decisions. First, do you take on debt or only spend what you have raised? This question magnifies if things come down to a close race. Second, how do you want to reach the electorate? Rank the order of what avenues (radio, television, billboards, direct mail, newspaper, door to door, yard signs, fliers, hand cards) work best in your area. Do research for cost estimates. Combining effectiveness with relative cost will give you a wish list. This list helps determine how hard and fast you will need to work. Most campaigns become overwhelmed by a big number. But this is a step-by-step plan; fund one item at a time.

Multi-Level Marketing. Never leave a meeting without a list of five names. It’s nice to leave with a check in hand, but the names can be more important.

Be a collections agent. Any successful collection agent will tell you: ask for the money and then shut up. The first person to talk loses. I have stayed quiet for minutes at a time in a meeting, and it works.

Make it easy. You need a website with a PayPal donation option. Have a donation link on the very front of your website with clear directions and contact information. Ask for donations on all of your printed information, interviews and media communication by always giving your address and website.

Ask everyone. Every beggar on the street has learned not to judge anyone. You never know who will contribute. If you set your sights on large contributions in hopes of circumventing this tedious process called fund raising, you are setting yourself up to fail.


By wpadmin